Body Solid EXM3000LPS Home Gym Review

Body Solid EXM3000LPS Home Gym

Let’s start with the basics. Some people may not know what a home gym is but I am here to help. Essentially, a home gym is something that condenses the menagerie of machines you will find in a gym down to one simple piece of equipment that you can use at your own leisure in the comfort of your own home. They often include a wide variety of elements all designed to get you up off the couch, so without further ado, let’s take a closer look at one. The home gym this review will be looking at is the Body Solid EXM3000LPS, and hopefully by the end you will know if it is something you should buy! 

So tell me about its features in a little more detail

This home gym is absolutely incredible, and once you see it and what it can do you may be tempted to start charging people admission to your spare room just to use it. It offers an impressive array of strength training exercises for three simultaneous users all within a space saving, compact design. Its thick, durable Durafirm pads are contoured for lumbar support and both weight stacks are designed with easy reaching and selection in mind.

Which kind of workouts will it help me with?

Most of them is the answer to the above question. The multi-function Press arm station provides bench press, incline press; shoulder press and chest support exercises and the fully adjustable “Perfect Pec Station” will mean you will be able to show off your flexing abilities to the max! This machine is also perfect should you want to work out your legs and abs. 

Inform me about the positive elements

If you are close to purchasing this home gym then the question you should be asking yourself is “Can I think of a reason not to?” I can already predict that the answer is going to be no. It has as much equipment with it as many small gyms do, and you’ll never even have to leave your home to use it. The build quality is top of the range and it is even suitable for very heavy users, so it can help you at any stage of the getting fit process.

And tell me about the negatives too

You better hope that you have already done a few workouts on your brain as this machine has some very confusing instructions. Previous customers have struggled a lot when trying to piece together and set up the home gym, and unless you are some way mechanically inclined then you may need to consider getting some assistance in.

You best sum it all up!

This home gym is at the top end of the market and it is easy to see why. It has every conceivable piece of equipment you could want pre packaged with it and you can shape up and tone any part of your body you so chose to. It might take a large chunk out of your pay packet, but it is the perfect machine to take a chunk out of that belly too! If you want to take a look at some other home gyms and compare, then please do so at