Lawn-Boy 10734 Electric Start Lawn Mower Review

Lawn-Boy 10734 Electric Start Lawn Mower

Grass likes to grow very quick, which can create a ton of problems for those who like to spend time outdoors throughout the year. During the summer you have a variety of activities, such as swimming and lounging around the backyard that can easily be ruined by unmaintained grass. Unmaintained grass is grass at a normal height to walk through without being tickled on your shin. Some may prefer their height lower or higher than that, but regardless, it can be a downer for summer events. Therefore, purchasing a lawn mower, or replacing the old worn out lawn mower in the garage, can be the biggest difference in the life of your yard.

Details and Description

Like you would start a car, the 10734 can be started by inserting a key and turning it, making it an easy way to keep your lawn mower from being accidently started. It has a bag attachment that allows for the collection of cut grass. This bag is easy to dump and reattach or clean and store. There is two different heights for this lawn mower to cut in. It is priced at approximately $299.00 making it an inexpensive but powerful gas powered cutting machine. It is about seventy two pounds so it can be easily maneuvered throughout turns on any lawn.

The Positives of the 10734

Many consumers have raved about how easy it is to cut their lawns with this mower. They have claimed that it smoothly glides across their lawns and is easy to start. This mower is easy to assemble when arriving by simply taking it out, attaching the handle, filling it with oil, and then adding the fuel. Consumers are excited to test out this mower and have claimed that over the years it still holds true to being the best lawn mower they have ever owned. Being easy to set up and use, this mower is definitely recommended by many consumers.

The Negatives of the 10734

Many consumers have discovered that this mower can be poorly manufactured. They have opened it right out of the box, and completed the set up along with adding in oil and gas. Many of the consumers who have complained about the liquids being added, have done so regarding the oil leaking from the undercarriage of the motor. Other consumers have discovered that the front axle has a knack for coming off. After replacing this, they have had the same issue with replacement mowers. The most complained about aspect of this mower is that plastic parts were used underneath for the height adjustment.

In Conclusion

Owning a lawn mower takes a lot of responsibility even though it may not seem that way. Gas powered lawn mowers, whether they be riding or push mowers, have many things to keep an eye out for. Checking the oil is something that should be done frequently, before every use. It is also a good idea to check the gas and watch how much you use to do sections of your yard. This can help prepare you for future cuts.