OxGord Pet Supplies Soft Dog Crate and Pet Carrier

OxGord Pet Supplies Soft Dog Crate and Pet

This best-selling crate does double duty as a pet carrier and dog crate because of its soft construction, easy assembly, and durable materials. The OxGord Soft Fabric Crate Pet Carrier is suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor environments and you can rest easy knowing that your pet will have a secure and comfortable place to retire to when he or she needs to be contained or just wants to rest and relax. The durable polyester makes this crate a little different than the others because that soft fabric and rounded corners makes the crate safe for use in your car or any other environment that is susceptible to damage and it’s more comfortable for your pet as well. No matter what size of dog you own, OxGord has made a soft crate to accommodate with seven available sizes. 

Lightweight Strength and Durability for All Dogs

Using some of the highest quality polyester fabric, this crate from OxGord is resilient and durable enough to hold your pet enclosed securely while also proving soft enough not mark or dent any of your indoor home furnishings, floors, or walls. Each crate has been designed with padded and rounded edges, so it’s safe for your vehicle interior as well. With its soft construction, OxGord eschews the use of steel bars or wires and utilizes strong mesh windows and curtain partitions protect your pet instead.

Simple Set Up Makes it a Cinch to Carry

Relying on lightweight and durable fabric, OxGord built this combination crate/carrier to be strong enough to keep your dog fully protected  in any environment but also light and yielding enough for simple portability.  That comes as a result from the crate’s fully folding design, so you can store this one in any closet, under the bed, even keep it in the trunk of your vehicle when not in use. Many metal crates are tough to fold, they can be heavy to carry around and set-up can be a challenge, with the OxGord the soft fabric frame eliminates all of those problems making it the best choice for use anywhere and anytime.

Seven Sizes for Every Size of Dog

Oxgord Pet Supplies’ premium soft dog crate comes in seven different sizes, each one tailored for dogs at certain weight sizes. Ranging in size from as small as 20″13×14  to as large as 48″ 32×32, there are a wide variety of crates well-suited for dogs of 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, and 70 lbs in weight. The soft nature of the crate allows for your dog to get in and out easily and doubles as a carrier for bringing your dog along on a road trip or a cross-country flight.

Summing Up

This soft dog crate from OxGord is versatile in that it’s perfect for use just about anywhere and crafted from resilient mesh and canvas materials. It’s available in plenty of different sizes and it’ll be such a sensation for your pet to use because it’s comfortable and soft. We also like the combination of crate and carrier capability that this product offers at such a low price, retailing for about $30 at most online stores.