Remington CI9538 Curling Wand Review

Remington CI9538 Curling Wand

Thanks to the explosion of the internet and an abundance of new stores opening up every day, being able to quickly choose the right product for yourself is becoming harder and harder to do. It can take an absolute age to settle on something because you are worried that something else might be better and this is never truer than when you are looking at all of the different hair products that are out there. To help you all out we have waded through a lot of different makes and models to dig you out hair products, in this case a curling wand, which should help you get your hair looking the best it can be. Today we will be taking a closer look at the Remington CI9538 Curling Wand, but should you want to check out some others you can do that very easily at the That’s Foxy website! For now though, let’s look at the Remington. 

Tell me about its features

The thing to look out for in a curling iron is the top temperature it can get up to as this is what will help to keep your hair in place. The Remington does not struggle in this respect as it can easily reach its optimum temperature of 410 degrees. It can do this in just 30 seconds, as it has built in the technology to heat up very quickly. After 60 minutes of use the curler will automatically shut off and whilst this may seem a tad annoying, it is actually a very handy safety feature to have to prevent any accidents. Other features that are included in this model are the digital display and controls and the heat resistant glove that comes as part of the package.

What are its good points? 

This curling wand is perfect for first time users thanks to its simple interface which means people can pick up on how to use it very quickly. The digital display will enable you to get very precise temperatures and control the machine a lot better than the older, less technologically advanced hair curlers.

What are the bad points? 

Whilst the digital controls are a god send when attempting to get an accurate temperature with which to curl your hair, the design of the curlers means that it is unable to remain locked, and all it takes is a slight brush of the button to change the temperature and perhaps affect the process of curling your hair. It is a small flaw but one to take note of.

What’s the conclusion? 

All things considered this appears to be a very promising hair curler. It has been used by a lot of people so you know that it must be good, and not only that but the vast majority of customers have only complimented the Remington on the results they have gotten from it. The company have managed to hit the nail on the head here and make a simple yet highly effective hair curler, and with a couple of small tweaks they could have the perfect machine.