Waffle Makers: A Quick Ostel vs. Cuisinart Comparison!


Ostel and Cuisinart. Both are well-established makers of fine kitchenware and appliances. Each makes multiple, excellent models of waffle maker. You asked which one I preferred for the best waffle maker all around; let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. I took a look at what’s out there for the material related to either one. I checked reviews and blogs, and read up on customer feedback. Finally, I was able to come to a decision, which you can read about in detail on the deliciouswafflemakers.com website at http://www.deliciouswafflemakers.com/cuisinart-vs-oster-waffle-maker-our-recommendation/.

First Up: Cuisinart’s Waffle Maker

Cuisinart makes an excellent waffle maker. It’s able to cook four waffles at once. Its stainless housing wipes down easily with a dry cloth for a quick clean; if a little batter hardens onto the surface, a damp paper towel will do the trick. Its interior surface is naturally non-stick ceramic; it distributes the heat evenly during cooking, resulting in crisp, golden brown waffles with pockets of fluffy goodness inside. When you’re finished with your waffle maker, it stores away neatly. Its interior plates can be removed for easy cleaning.

Next Up: Oster’s Waffle Maker

Oster is also a fine name in kitchenware, and they also produce an excellent waffle maker, resulting in not only a fine product – but a consistent one; it will produce excellent waffles each and every time you use it. Oster’s waffle maker produces four waffles at a time, perfect to feed a hungry family at breakfast. It wipes clean of most messes, and its interior panels feature a non-toxic, non-stick coating, so waffles slide right off the griddle and onto your plates. Like the Cuisinart, the Oster model stores conveniently away when you’re finished, and it takes up minimal counter space.

My Criteria for Selection

I considered the quality of either waffle maker, in terms of its finished product. It was a fairly even result; both waffle makers produce an excellent waffle, and each one does so consistently. Either waffle maker also offers an indicator light for when your waffles are finished cooking. Each waffle maker in our comparison of Oster and Cuisinart models wipes down easily, and is fairly straightforward to clean. They’re remarkably similar in many ways, and either one would undoubtedly serve your family well for years.

So, Which One Came Out Ahead?

The differences between the two models are small, but telling. The Oster model of waffle maker does not offer detachable plates for easy cleaning; they need to be cleaned while within the machine’s outer housing. By contrast, the plates in the Cuisinart model may be separated from their housing for more convenient cleaning. Also, their ceramic material is naturally non-sticky, and it works better to distribute heat for an even and consistent temperature during the cooking process.

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My friends site, at deliciouswafflemakers.com, offers the best reviews online for the leading models of waffle maker on the market today. In addition to my personal favorite, the aforementioned four-at-once waffle maker from Cuisinart, they also offer the Oster model for those drawn to that particular brand, as well as a number of other major brands of waffle maker. If you have questions or concerns, I’m interested in hearing from you; visit my contact page for more information!